Project Description

Title: Please Disturb Me
Date: 2001
Media: Curated exhibition
Location: The Great Eastern Hotel, London
Website: Please Disturb Me

Please Disturb Me was an exhibition curated and produced by Simon Tegala, it was sited in The Great Eastern Hotel, London.

Six artists were each given a room and invited to spend a weekend together at the hotel. The purpose of this stay was for the artists to, individually and collectively immerse themselves within the environment and workings of the Victorian hotel. The artists will return to install works within the rooms and public spaces. The rooms will be available for guests to stay in during the week and available for public viewing at the weekends.

Hotels the world over, elicit very intense emotions, those relating to travel, identity, anonymity and sexuality. The six London based artists in Please Disturb Me have been chosen to explore these relationships and respond to the notions of private and public with respect to the building, guests and visitors and staff.

Artists: Franko B, Anouchka and Patricio Grose Forrester, Runa Islam, Peter Morgan, Simon Tegala, Gavin Turk

The exhibition extended to include works by other artists: F5, Derek Ogbourne, Richard Wright, Motok Ohinata, Johan Grimonprez, Bureau of Inverse Technology, Andree Korpys and Marcus Loffler, Franko B, Vanessa Beecroft, Shu Lea Cheang, Ben Spiers, Jake and Dinos Chapman.

See Please Disturb Me website for full details.